Turning Mecard Episodes in Hindi/Urdu Dub 480p & 720p HD

Turning Mecard Episodes in Hindi/Urdu Dub 480p & 720p HD 1

Genre: Animation
Directed By: Hong Heonpyo
Network: Kidzone Plus
Running time: 23min
Language: Urdu [It’s Pak Dub]
Quality: 720p HD
Audio Credits: ToonnidoPak [Thanks]
Encoder: TOONWORLD4ALL | Published By: RareToonsIndia

Synopsis: Jason meets an alien talking car who can transform into a giant legendary Mecardimal warrior. But he’s not the only one out to tame Mecardimals. Now Jason must learn how to master every weapon, attack and ability before the other guys do.

||Download Turning Mecard Episodes in Hindi/Urdu||


Episode 1: A Mysterious New Kid!
DOWNLOAD 720p HD: Mirror | Mega [183MB]
DOWNLOAD 480p SD: Mirror | Mega [94MB]

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