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Series Info

Name: Kiteretsu Daihyakka (Kiteretsu Encyclopedia)

Release Year: 1988

TV Channel (India): Disney Channel

Quality : 480p

Language: Hindi

Size: 150 MB

Synopsis: The main character is a scientific genius boy named Kiteretsu, who has built a companion robot named Korosuke. He frequently travels in time with his friends and Korosuke in the time machine he built. Miyoko is a girl in his neighbourhood who is basically his girlfriend. Tongari is his rival, who happen to share some similar traits of Honekawa Suneo. Buta Gorilla (Kumada Kaoru) is a typical neighbourhood bully, who also share similar traits of Gian (Takeshi Goda) except that he often antagonizes Korosuke (though they are in grade school).

Kiteretsu Hindi Dubbed Episode List!

Episode 1: I’m Korosuke / Searching for buried treasures!

Disney Channel Skipped The First Half of Episode 2 (i.e. 2.1)

Episode 2.2: Korosuke’s Animal Play

Episode 3: Kiteretsu’s Moon Adventure

Episode 4: Troubled in the dark / The Grudge Candies

Episode 5: Goblin Secret Passage

Episode 6: Look Look! The Warrior is Here / Ini-Mini-Mynih! Everything is Tiny!

Episode 7 is Skipped By Disney Channel India.

Episode 8: Let’s Make a Movie / Big Fun in the Small City!

Episode 9: Camera of memories / Showdown! Korosuke against Kawarabankozou

Episode 10: Korosuke and the Baby Dinosaur!

Episode 11: Human Duplication Gun / Korosuke Goes to School

Episode 12: Machine which can stop Time / Playing with Water

Episode 13: Sweet Home Above the Clouds

Episode 14: Crime Catcher Robot / Ghost Lamp

Episode 15: A Little Bodyguard / Giant Bubble Dome

Episode 16: Fathers Meeting Day

Episode 17: Tongari Becomes Invisible

Episode 18: We Will Meet Edison

Episode 19: Too Much Heat / Controlling Bad Weather

Episode 20: Korosuke Wants To Become Stronger

Episode 21: Changing Marathon Time

Episode 22: Sports Meet, Who Will Become MVP!

Episode 23: Butagorira’s Vegetable Party / Animal Voice Translator

Episode 24: Lantern Makes Study Easy / Robots Have Feelings Too

Episode 25: Laughing Helmet

Episode 26: Everyone Will Obey Me

Episode 27: Kiteretsu Will Do Somersault

Episode 28: Wicker Cloth Box / Korosuke’s Matchmaking With a Dog

Episode 29: Searching For Hot Springs Deep in the Earth

Episode 30: The Story of Korosuke and Chibigorira’a Friendship

Episode 31: Otohime Loves Kiteretsu

Episode 32: Kiteretsu-san is an Actor

Episode 33: Santa Claus is Real

Episode 34 is Skipped By Disney Channel India.

Episode 35: Mystery in the Country of Snow

Episode 36: Butagorira Learns How to Skate / The Swimming Championship!

Episode 37: Little Girl with a Red Bag

Episode 38: Marry the prince! Princess Miyoko

Episode 39: Travelling to Hokayedo

Episode 40: Mock Test in School

Episode 41: Young Master Korosuke’s Fiance

Episode 42: Dinosaur’s Invitation Letter

Episode 43 is Skipped By Disney Channel India.

Episode 44: Running Around in a Huge Maze!

Episode 48: Fear of Earthquake / Helping Butagorira’s Parents 

Episode 49: I Will Make Kiteretsu Popular

Episode 50: Butagorira Hates Vegetables

Episode 51: Finding a Mine With Glittering Gold

Episode 52: Beautiful Teacher, Miss. Shiratori

Episode 53: Butagorrila is a Good Friend 

Episode 54: Emotion Generating Bell 

Episode 55-Past of the Kiteretsu’s Dad 

Episode 56: Babylon’s Grand Palace in Hollywood 

Episode 57: The Great Prophecy! 

Episode 58: A Dream Vacation that Triples the Summer Vacation 

Episode 59: Hammer of Growth 

Episode 60: One Day in August, The Wandering Child Whale Stops 

Episode 61: The Frightening Roller Coaster Ride 

Episode 62: Too Many Ghosts in a Camp 

Episode 63: Run! Tongari Dream for Grand Prix! 

Episode 64: Mountain climbing on a Kikko ship 

Episode 65: Gorilla and Buta Gorilla, Which Gorilla 

Episode 67: Unforgettable Umbrella! 

Episode 68: Approach the mystery of the evil horseland! Is Miyoko Himiko?

Episode 69: Panic In Wedding Ceremony! 

Episode 70: Perfect for test! Overnight Cramming Pillow!? 

Episode 72: Benefits of Honey 

Episode 76: Bear Wearing Boots! 

Episode 141: Ghost in Hyakujojima Watermelon Palace! 

More Episodes Will Add Soon!


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