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Johnny Test Season 1 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

Johnny Test Episodes in Hindi-English Dual Audio  Johnny Test Season 1 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

Series Info

Name: Johnny Test

Release Year: September 17, 2005

TV Channel (India): Cartoon Network

Quality : 720p

Language: Hindi | English

Size: 60 – 70MB

Synopsis: Johnny is part of the Test family, which consists of his 13-year-old genius twin sisters, Susan and Mary, and his over-the-top parents: his mother Lila, who is a full-blown workaholic businesswoman; and his father Hugh, who is an obsessive-compulsive househusband whose two biggest obsessions are cleaning and cooking meatloaf. The Test Twins frequently use Johnny as a guinea pig for their various experiments and inventions in their laboratory filled with highly advanced technology built in over the Tests’ household attic, with most of which they try to impress their pretty boy next-door neighbor, Gil, for whom both harbor a deep love and obsession, although their attempts to come up with some way to attract his attention usually end in failure.

Johnny Test S01 Hindi/English Episodes List!

Episode 1-Johnny To The Center Of The Earth / Johnny X

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 2-Johnny Vs Bling Boy / Johnny Impossible

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 3-Party Monster / Johnny Test

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 4-Aqua Johnny / Johnny And The Amazon Turbo Action Pack

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 5-Johnny & The Ice Pig / Johnny’s House of Horror

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 6-Johnny’s Super Smarty Pants / Take You Johnny To Work Day

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 7-Johnny & The Mega Robotics / Johnny Gets Mooned

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 8-Johnny Hollywood / Johnny’s Turbo Time Reminder

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 9-The Return Of Johhny X / Sonic Johnny

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 10-The Dog Days of Johhny / Johnny’s Pink Plauge

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 11-Johnny’s Extreme Game Controll / Li’l Johnny

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 12-Johnny Vs. Brain Freezer / Johnny’s Big Snow Job

[Drive] | [Omega]


Episode 13-Johnny Dodgeball / Johnny And The Attack Of Monster Truck

[Drive] | [Omega]
More Episodes Added Soon!

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