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Chhota Bheem : The Movie Jouney To Petra [720p] HD

Chhota Bheem : The Movie Jouney To Petra [720p] HD 1

Directed by Rajiv Chilaka
Written by Raj Viswanadha
Production Company : Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd.
Release date :1 May 2011
Language : Hindi

Story Plot : In Dholakpur Bheem feels worried about King Indravarma and Princess Indumati who are stranded at Petra. A messenger arrives and Bheem sends him directly to the Dholakpur prison thinking it is false. Bheem feels that the King is in trouble and asks the Commander to give him a map of the shortest route to Petra right away. The team sets out on a voyage to find their King. They face dangers on the way and get stranded in a desert. They get captured by the Stephard Lions and learn to be fierce bandits like them. One day, a lion runs after an innocent girl and Bheem chases him out forever from their territory.


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