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Chhota Bheem & Krishna: Patliputra- City of the Dead Full Hindi Dubbed [720p] HD

Directed by Rajiv Chilaka
Produced by Rajiv Chilaka
Written by Nidhi Anand
Screenplay by Nidhi Anand
Music by Sunil Kaushik
Green Gold Animations
Release date : 27 September 2011

Story Plot: The powers of Kirmada were destroyed by Krishna’s Sudarshana Chakra in the movie Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna, but his soul manages to survive. But is unable to restore any power in him. Kirmada then requests the devil to give him more strength. In response, the devil informs him that he was killed by the Sudarshana chakra and cannot be resurrected, unless he absorbs the power of 1000 people and sacrifices himself into the fire, at which point Kirmada could get back his own form and power.


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